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  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Southern Virginia
  • Eastern Tennessee

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Selva Lee Tucker is Your Floor Inspector

From the top of the Bankers Trust Building in downtown Charlotte, NC to the World Market and the Savannah School of Art Atlanta Branch in downtown Atlanta, Georgia

From the Asheville North Carolina Hospital Complex to Columbia, South Carolina downtown SCEG Offices and the Russel House Student Union on the Campus of the University of South Carolina From the University of Charleston’s Library in Charleston, SC to the Savannah's Historic District to the playground of Myrtle Beach, SC I have inspected flooring failures in commercial sites and homes in the Southeast.

Selva Lee Tucker, The Southeast Floor Inspector

  • Hardwood Flooring Inspections
    • Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector
  • Ceramic, Stone and Marble Tile Inspections
    • Certified Tile Floor Inspector
  • Carpet Inspections
    • Certified Carpet Inspector
  • Vinyl and VCT Inspections
    • Certified Vinyl and VCT Floor Inspector

Contact Tucks for your:

  • Hardwood Floor Problems
    • Tucks is your Hard Wood Floor Inspector
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring Problems
    • Tucks is your Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector
  • Carpet Problems
    • Tucks is your Certified Carpet Inspector
  • Vinyl Problems
    • Tucks is your Certified Vinyl Floor Inspector
  • Speciality Flooring Problems
    • Tucks is your Certified Speciality Floor Inspector

The Flooring Expert - Selva Lee Tucker is Your Floor Inspector

The Hardwood Floor Expert - Selva Lee Tucker is Your Floor Inspector

The Ceramic Tile Expert - Selva Lee Tucker is Your Floor Inspector

Tucks Floor Inspection Service, (Mr.) Selva “Lee” Tucker, is an independent flooring inspection service. I have no contractual obligation to anyone but my commissioning agent. My only obligation is to find the truth and cause of your flooring issues so that you can make a determination as to the best actions for your benefit. My income is solely from doing Independent Flooring Inspections. As such, my reputation for complete independent, impartial inspections and reports must be honesty, truthfulness and un-bias.

Thank you

Selva “Lee” Tucker
Your Professional Floor Expert!

Certified Floor Inspector for Certified Flooring Inspection Reports!

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Tucks Floor Inspection Service

Selva Lee Tucker, Tucks, is not a home inspection service inspecting homes or commercial sites for compliance to state or local codes. We examine (Inspect) and consult with our customers concerning flooring failures or concerns by applied science and accepted industry standards that conform to the applied science

Tucks Inspection Service is not controlled by any organization or association supported and controlled by manufacturers, distributors or retailers.
This is a free independent inspection service that will provide you with the truth, and will not be controlled by special interest.