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Education and Certifications
Tucks Floor Inspection Service
Lee Tucker

Peer Reviewed Inspector with over 35 years experience inspection flooring complaints and over 45 years experience in the flooring trade
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BA, University of South Carolina, Philosophy / Government

Founder of
The Flooring Educational Guild.

The Guild
provides science and technical education but does not collect yearly fees. The Guild's motto is:

"Move Beyond Certification By Becoming Educated"

The Guild has inspectors from all associations and schools attend its science and technical classes. Flooring inspectors from all 50 states have attended Guild Classes. 

The odd are that an inspector in your area attended one of my classes or seminars I developed and arranged, such as our wood classes at North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech Wood Science Extension Departments. 

The Following Courses Were Originated by Selva Lee Tucker, Founder of the "Flooring Inspectors Educational Guild"

North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department Kiln Drying Course

  • How to Dry Hardwood Flooring, Drying Defects, How They Happen and How to Identify Them - March 3-7, 2009

North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department

  • Introduction to Engineered Wood Flooring March 2009

North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department Course

  • How to Identify Wood Species And Their Characteristics  With Special Instruction Concerning Imported Tropical Wood Flooring October, 2009

North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department

  • Advance Engineered Wood Course March, 2010

North Carolina State Concrete Engineering Department Course

  • "Concrete as a Substrate for Flooring" March 2010

North Carolina State Wood Extension Department

  • Wood Anatomy and Moisture for Flooring Inspectors October, 2011

North Carolina State University Wood Extension Department

  • Advance Courses For Wood Inspectors, "Wood and Moisture Issues", "Engineering Engineered Wood Flooring", and "Laminate Testing Standards and What They Mean to Inspectors and Consumers" March, 2011

North Carolina State University and The Flooring Educational Inspectors Guild

  • Moisture? How does it move into and out of our homes and buildings? Adhesives, the new Green Adhesives, when and where are they best specified and Inspection Techniques for HardWood Floor Inspectors September 11th - 14th 2011

North Carolina State University and The Flooring Educational Guild at the National Wood Flooring Association in St. Louis, Mo

  • Engineered Wood, Wood Anatomy and Moisture, Drying Defects of Wood, 2012
The Guild at Virginia Tech University
  • Wood Science and Hardwood Flooring
  • Solid and Engineered
    • October 2013
    • March 2014
    • August 2014
    • May 2015
    • October 2015
    • June 2016
    • August, 2017 Kiln Drying for the Flooring Professional, speciality class
    • March 2018, Seminar on Wood, Vinyl, Carpet, Cork, and Rubber Flooring
    • October 2018, Speciality class for floor professionals in Charlotte, NC
    • August 2019, Kiln Drying For The Wood Flooring Professionals and Engineered Wood flooring Veneer Drying - Va. Technical University, Dr. Bond and Dr. Hindman
    • August 2020, Webinar with over 230 registered. 
Vinyl Seminar, Dalton Ga March 2015
Carpet Seminar, Dalton Ga April 2016
Concrete and Shaw Educational Day, October 2016
Wood, Vinyl, LVT, Concrete and more, May 8,9 & 10, 2017
Wood, vinyl, laminate and speciality flooring May 2018
Wood, substrates, engineered wood, ceramic tiles April 2019
Webinar, August 2020

Ceramic Tile Classes
Las Vegas, NV. 2014
Dalton Ga, 2013

Classes and Certifications Earned

National Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association – NWFMA (NOFMA) (also certified installer)
  • National Wood Flooring Association – NWFA (also certified installer)
  • Inspector’s Training Services – ITS

Certified Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector

  • Tile Council of American and Ceramic Tile Education Foundation – TCA & CTEF (Inspector’s course and test – passed 100%)
  • (also trained installer)
Ceramic Tile Course by the Floor Educational Guild, Noah Chitty
  • 2013, Dalton, Ga and 2014, LV., NV.
NICFI Conventions
  • 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2012
L&N Training for Laminates and Engineered Wood Flooring
  • 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2004

Certified Hardsurface Floor Inspector

  • Floor Consultants Institute of Technical Services – FCITS
  • International Certification Registry – ICR (ceramic tile)
  • Flooring Inspectors Training – ITS
  • Advance Flooring Specialist – AFS

Certified Specialty Floor Inspector

  • ITS
  • AFS
  • ITS

Certified Woven Carpet Inspector (wool and natural fibers)

  • AFS – Instructor, the honorable David and Charlene Hunt of the Vermont Custom Rug Company
  • ITS

Certified Commercial Floor Inspector

  • AFS
  • Vinyl and VCT
  • Mannington Inspector’s Course
  • Armstrong Certified Installer
  • ITS

Certified Installation Training and Certification (Floor Inspectors)

  • Mohawk University
  • CFI Tech and Carpet Installer
  • Ceramic Tile Installer – trained CTEF
  • Armstrong Certified Installer