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Tucks Floor Inspection Service

National Flooring Consultant for the United States of America

Certified Hardwood Floor Inspector
Certified Cork Inspector
Certified Ceramic Tile Floor Inspector
Certified Carpet Inspector
Certified Natural Fiber Woven Carpet Inspector
Certified Vinyl and VCT Floor Inspector
Certified Stone and Marble Floor Inspector
Certified Concrete Moisture Testing
Certified Rubber Floor Inspector
Floor Inspectors Trainer.


Selva "Lee" Tucker, owner of Tucks Floor Inspection Service, has attended a class by EMSL Laboratories to learn the correct methodology to do Indoor Air Quality testing for mold and contaminates. 

We now provide third party indoor air quality testing. If you have had a leak or flood in your home or business, did the restoration company hire a impartial third party to do your Indoor Air Quality testing to protect your family, friends, pets, and customers in your business after a flood? 

If not, contact Tucks using the email link below or call your insurance company to request they hire an impartial third party, Tucks Floor Inspection Service

Tucks also uses Infra Red technology to find sources of leaks or moisture intrusion into your home or business. 

If not, Email or call, 864 238 5507. Mold is a serious issue that can cause serious illnesses.

Tucks Services the Following: 

  • Homeowners
  • Business Owners
  • Flooring Retailers
  • Architects
  • Construction Specifiers
  • Construction Contractors

Selva Lee Tucker is your Floor Inspector for your Flooring Problems

Founder of
The Flooring Educational Guild.
The Guild
 provides science and technical  education but does not collect yearly fees. The Guild's motto is,

"Move Beyond Certification By Becoming Educated"

The Guild has inspectors from all associations and schools attend its science and technical classes. 

The odd are that an inspector in your area attended one of my classes or seminars I developed and arranged, such as our wood classes at North Carolina State University and Virginia Tech Wood Science Extension Departments. 

Call Tucks! 864 238 5507

Tucks Inspection Service is not controlled by any organization or association supported and controlled by manufacturers.
This is a free independent inspection service that will provide you with the truth, and will not be controlled by special interest. 

Cupping? Gapping? Delamination? Raveling Carpet Seams? LVP Problems? Engineered Wood? Carpet Wearing? Matting and Crushing Carpet? Soiled Carpet? Wood Cracking? Checking? Splits in Wood? Discolored Grout? Cracked Ceramic Tile? Grout cracking and Powdering? Ceramic or stone lippage?Warp tiles? Pattern run off? Bow and skew? Carpet seams raveling? Wrinkles in your carpet? Carpet wear patterns? VCT out of line? LVT shrinking or swelling? Raised end-joints on LVT? 

If you have any of these issues,
please  Contact TUCKS